New Delhi. Speaking of the Asia Cup 2023, today Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will face each other in a Super-4 match. However, there is a concern about rain in this match in Colombo. Sri Lanka won a match against Afghanistan by 2 runs in the group stage, which helped them qualify for the Super 4. Meanwhile, during the matches of the Asian Cricket Council, i.e., the ACC Super-4, there are concerns about rain. This is why the crucial match between India and Pakistan scheduled for September 10 has been kept as a reserve day. The Asia Cup 2023 matches are currently underway. However, the Afghanistan team has been eliminated from the tournament without winning any matches. Afghanistan lost to Sri Lanka by 2 runs in a group-stage match. In the final overs, the batsmen could not calculate the run rate correctly. After the loss, coach Jonathan Trott said that match officials did not provide us with all the calculations for Super 4 qualification. The Afghanistan Cricket Board has complained to the Asian Cricket Council, or ACC, about this.

According to TOLO News, Mohammad Nasim Saadat, the spokesperson for the Afghanistan Cricket Board, said that a delay occurred in handling the run rate issue, and the team had to pay the price for it. Talking about the Afghanistan and Sri Lanka match, Afghanistan’s team returned to the pavilion after scoring 289 runs in 37.4 overs while chasing a target of 292 runs against Sri Lanka. After the 37th over, Afghanistan’s score was 289 for 8 wickets. Before the match, Afghanistan was informed that they had to win the match in 37.1 overs. In that case, they needed to score 3 runs off one ball, but that was not possible. Rashid Khan was at the crease on the other end. Afterward, the issue of net run rate arose, suggesting that Afghanistan could still surpass Sri Lanka. If Afghanistan’s team had scored 293 after 37.2 overs, 294 after 37.3 overs, 295 after 37.5 overs, 296 in 38 overs, and 297 in 38.1 overs, they could have been ahead of Sri Lanka in terms of run rate. Fazlhaq Farooqi, who came to bat at number 11, was not aware of this.

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