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The ODI World Cup has witnessed some unforgettable displays of batting prowess, with several cricketers etching their names in history through remarkable individual performances. From Martin Guptill’s breathtaking 237* to Chris Gayle’s explosive 215, these towering scores exemplify the sheer talent and skill exhibited on cricket’s grandest stage. Notable contributions from players like Glenn Maxwell, Gary Kirsten, and Sourav Ganguly have also left an indelible mark on the tournament’s rich legacy. These outstanding innings serve as a testament to the remarkable skill, resilience, and determination displayed by these cricketing legends in their quest for sporting excellence.


Here is the data presented in tabular form for all the high scores: From High Score to 150.

PlayerRunsMinsBalls4s6sSRTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
MJ Guptill237*2231632411145.39New Zealandv West IndiesWellington21 Mar 2015
CH Gayle2152121471016146.25West Indiesv ZimbabweCanberra24 Feb 2015
GJ Maxwell201*1811282110157.03Australiav AfghanistanWankhede07 Nov 2023
G Kirsten188*210159134118.23South Africav U.A.E.Rawalpindi16 Feb 1996
SC Ganguly183210158177115.82Indiav Sri LankaTaunton26 May 1999
IVA Richards181125167144.80West Indiesv Sri LankaKarachi13 Oct 1987
DA Warner178164133195133.83Australiav AfghanistanPerth04 Mar 2015
N Kapil Dev175*138166126.81Indiav ZimbabweTunbridge Wells18 Jun 1983
V Sehwag175198140145125.00Indiav BangladeshMirpur19 Feb 2011
Q de Kock174192140157124.28South Africav BangladeshWankhede24 Oct 2023
CB Wishart172*191151183113.90Zimbabwev NamibiaHarare10 Feb 2003
GM Turner171*19020116285.07New Zealandv East AfricaBirmingham07 Jun 1975
DA Warner166184147145112.92Australiav BangladeshNottingham20 Jun 2019
DA Warner163180124149131.45Australiav PakistanBengaluru20 Oct 2023
AB de Villiers162*10366178245.45South Africav West IndiesSydney27 Feb 2015
TM Dilshan161*22114622110.27Sri Lankav BangladeshMelbourne26 Feb 2015
AC Hudson161153132134121.96South Africav NetherlandsRawalpindi05 Mar 1996
Imran Nazir160201121148132.23Pakistanv ZimbabweKingston21 Mar 2007
HM Amla159168128164124.21South Africav IrelandCanberra03 Mar 2015
ML Hayden158216143144110.48Australiav West IndiesNorth Sound27 Mar 2007
AJ Strauss158188145181108.96Englandv IndiaBengaluru27 Feb 2011
KJ Coetzer156198134174116.41Scotlandv BangladeshNelson05 Mar 2015
JJ Roy153153121145126.44Englandv BangladeshCardiff08 Jun 2019
AJ Finch153176132155115.90Australiav Sri LankaThe Oval15 Jun 2019
DP Conway152*147121193125.61New Zealandv EnglandAhmedabad05 Oct 2023
SR Tendulkar15219315118100.66Indiav NamibiaPietermaritzburg23 Feb 2003
AC Gilchrist14912910413 8 143.26 Australia v Sri LankaBridgetown28 Apr 2007

1.Martin Guptill: The Brilliance of a Master

Martin Guptill, a New Zealand cricketer, made history in 2015 when he scored an incredible unbeaten 237 runs against West Indies. This outstanding performance not only established him as a highly skilled player in the sport but also set a new record for the second-highest individual score in any 50-overs match. Guptill’s innings showcased his mastery of the game and raised the bar for excellence in cricket.

2.Chris Gayle, The West Indies Powerhouse:

In the 2015 competition, Chris Gayle, a prominent player from the West Indies, delivered an outstanding performance by scoring 215 runs against Zimbabwe. Gayle’s incredible innings, which included 16 sixes, demonstrated his dominance on the field and left spectators amazed by his talent and expertise. This remarkable achievement has left a lasting impression in the world of cricket.

3.Glenn Maxwell:

Glenn Maxwell’s display of perseverance and determination during the 2023 World Cup is truly remarkable. His heroic innings of 201* in partnership with Pat Cummins not only saved the game for Australia but also secured his place in history as the first male Australian cricketer to achieve a double century in an ODI match.

4. Gary Kirsten is a master from South Africa:

In the 1996 World Cup, Gary Kirsten’s unbeaten 188 against the UAE showcased his finesse and artistry at the crease. Leading South Africa to a resounding victory, Kirsten’s performance solidified his position as a force to be reckoned with, leaving a lasting legacy in the cricketing world.

5. Sourav Ganguly – A Display of Dominance

With a ferocious display of power hitting, Sourav Ganguly’s 183 against Sri Lanka in the 1999 World Cup marked a defining moment in his career. Combining elegance with raw aggression, Ganguly’s innings illuminated the field, leaving an enduring impression on fans and critics alike.

6. Vivian Richards – The Legendary Entertainer:

Vivian Richards’ commanding performance in the 1987 World Cup, scoring 181 against Sri Lanka, captured the essence of his illustrious career. With an illustrious record to his name, Richards’ innings exemplified the sheer brilliance and finesse that defined his presence on the cricket field.

7. David Warner – A Stellar Show of Skill

In the 2015 World Cup, David Warner’s sensational 178 against Afghanistan epitomized his unwavering skill and determination. With a relentless pursuit of victory, Warner’s formidable knock demonstrated his prowess and resilience in the face of formidable opponents.

8. Kapil Dev – A Captain’s Courageous Stand

Long before the modern greats, Kapil Dev’s resolute 175* in the 1983 World Cup marked a pivotal moment in Indian cricket history. Leading the team to a resounding victory over Zimbabwe, his outstanding captaincy and batting prowess left an indelible mark on the sport.

9. Virender Sehwag – The Indian Enigma:

Tied with Kapil Dev in seventh place, Virender Sehwag’s scintillating 175 against Bangladesh in the 2011 World Cup was a testament to his unparalleled skill and tenacity. Setting the tone for India’s journey in the tournament, Sehwag’s innings underscored his prowess as a formidable force in international cricket.

10. Quinton de Kock – South Africa’s Left-Handed Dynamo

In the 2023 World Cup, Quinton de Kock’s commanding 174 against Bangladesh further solidified his position as a key player in South Africa’s cricketing legacy. With a display of skill and finesse, de Kock’s left-handed prowess resonated with fans, etching his name in the illustrious list of top scorers.

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